Lets get started!


Hi everyone!

Today I will start posting tutorial videos and I’ll start with some beginners poses. Check out the links below. Not feeling for a workout but wan’t to follow my progress? – check out the yogamaster-links to see which poses I’m working on right now!

With love, your wannabe-yogainstructor


Fresh new blog!

Scroll down to check out a quick sample of poses I’ve acheived this year to start things of! Feeling inspired? Click on the tutorials-link to get your workout started. If your’e totally new to this, the beginners poses will get you going. If you feel ready for the next level – move over to advanced! There is a video with instructions for every challenge. Feel free to comment with questions or other thoughts! If you want to follow my own progress and see the poses I’m working on check out the yogamaster-link. Have a good workout!