Headstand of the day!


This headstand really works well with me now. It puts just enough pressure on my shoulders and helps me work on my balance, a great rehab pose!

For tips on how to do a headstand – check out the headstand tutorial in the top menu!

För tips att lära sig stå på huvudet – kolla in instruktionsfilmen “stå på huvudet” i övre menyn!



Try to make me go to rehab..



For instructions on how to get in to this pose – check out the “backstrength” tutorial!

För instruktioner på hur man kommer in i den här positionen – kolla in instruktionsfilmen “ryggstyrka + stretch”!

Ok I’ve been doing some shoulder-rehab theese past few days with easy weights and rubberbands. It’s really boring but what keeps me motivated is feeling my shoulder getting stronger and more stable which means I can do more yoga-poses! Yesterday I tried some poses outside and it made me realize that yoga really is gonna help me in my rehab.

Iv’e had a lot of pain in my back and neck theese last weeks because my muscles are getting used to this new anatomy of my shoulders since the injury. This is why I think yoga is really gonna help me in my recovery – by doing poses where I use my body as a weight my muscles get a chance to adjust to this new situation and build up strength and flexibility. I really recommend yoga as part of rehab or if you have problems with backpain. Follow the blog for more rehab-poses and yoga to help treat backpain!

Finally got my head in place again!



Did a headstand today! First time since the accident, it felt so good! So tip for today: believe in yourself. Loose the prestige and don’t be afraid to try some yoga if you’re curious about it. You are your own judge, be nice to yourself! Remember to adjust the poses after how your body feels today! Have fun and be safe!




Hello my love, I’m back!


Hello yoga, iv’e missed you so much!

Took of my cast yesterday, it feels so damn good to straighten my arm out! My fracture is’nt healed yet, it will take at least 6 weeks but I’m free to start some rehab to help my recovery. I did a easy workout today and tried some yoga, it feels amazing to be back on my mat! From today I’ll start posting basic yogaposes that works in my rehab:) 

  1. Start by standing with both feet close together. Move over your weight to one leg, lift your other leg. Grab your foot and put it on the inside of your thigh (or by your knee if you can’t get it all the way up). Hold your hands together in center.
  2. If you want, grab your foot again and lift it up to your hip.
  3. For more challenge, lift up your arms, make a heart with your fingers and come up on your tippytoes!

  1. Stå med fötterna tätt ihop. Flytta över vikten till ena benet och lyft det andra. Ta tag i foten och sätt den mot insida lår (alt. vid knäet om du inte kommer upp). Sätt händerna mot varandra framför bröstet.
  2. Om du vill, ta tag i foten igen, lyft upp den till höften, låt den vila där.
  3. För mer utmaning, sträck upp händerna forma ett hjärta med fingrarna och kom upp på tårna!


Miss my scorpion



Gosh I miss working on this pose! Tomorrow I’m taking of my cast and starting rehab to work on my recovery.  Don’t think my shoulder can hold for this pose in a while though, I’ll just have to be patient:)


This is how my injury looks. It won’t grow back again, but by training the muscles in my shoulder I’ll hopefully get it stable and functional anyway. My goal is to be able to start working on my scorpion again Asap! I’ll keep you updated with my progress and share all my rehab-poses:)


She’s got legs


Ok, I’m a shorty. Always been a little jealous of all you tall ladies with great, long legs. But guess what – when I do yoga I’m never disappointed. My legs are great and I’m proud of all the shapes they can help me create. Yoga makes me appreciate and love my body, Iv’e never felt this confident before. Has yoga ever helped you with your confidence? Does it help you forget about silly issues you have with your body? 

  1. Stand on all four, knees bent, back straight.
  2. Lift one leg as high as you can. Look at it behind you. Lift your arm at the same side.
  3. Reach back and try to grab your foot.
  4. To advance: Hold your foot. Bend your elbow and do a swooping movement, aiming right above your head. At the same time push your foot against your hand at take it with you.

  1. Stå på alla 4 med böjda knän och rak rygg.
  2. Lyft ett ben så högt du kan, titta bak på benet. Lyft handen på samma sida.
  3. Sträck bak handen och försök nå foten.
  4. För avancerad: Håll i foten. Böj i armbågen och för den i en svepande rörelse frammåt, sikta precis ovanför huvudet. Tryck samtidigt foten mot handen och dra med den fram.


Mental challenge


Today I removed my bandages from my shoulder and got a good look of my injury. As you can see my shoulders are not really symmetrical anymore. That lump on my left shoulder is my collarbone sticking up because it is completely dislocated. It’s wierd because the rehab is going good, I’m already feeling more stable and strong but it looks kind of strange, don’t you think? My mental challenge for today is accepting my new apperence and that my shoulder may never look the same again. I’m focusing on that it feels better. I’m not in that much pain anymore and I feel stronger. That’s 1000 times more important to me and helps me ignore my vanity.

Have you ever had a tough injury? Anything help you get through it? I would ofcourse love any tip on rehab-wokout for dislocated shoulders too. Comment below and share your story with me!

View of the world upside down



Everything feels upside down!

Breaking my arm and shoulder has been one of the toughest challenges for me so far. However, in some magic way it happend at a point in my life when I feel more grounded and happy then ever. It almost feels like someone was preparing for this to happen, making the circumstances easier for me to cope with this injury. Life is good. It’s not what I planned, it’s totally upside down, but how fun would life be if you could decide every minute of it? I think we need obstacles to challenge ourselves to new ground and perspective. This is a part of my story and I love not knowing how it ends.

Forearmstand / Underarmstånde



Forearmstands are amazing! You can really challenge both your strength and flexibility at the same time. My only tip for this is to focus. Focus and tighten your body all the way out to your toes to get control in this pose. Then it’s a lot easier to work on your hollowback!

I underarmstående kan man verkligen utmana styrka o rörlighet samtidigt. Tipset är att fokusera och spänna hela kroppen ända ut till tårna för att få kontroll i positionen. Då blir det mycket lättare att jobba med sin rörlighet!


Balance-challenge / Balans-utmaning



  1. Stand straight, feet close to each other. Tighten your stomach , move over your weight to one leg. Lift the other leg and grab your foot.
  2. Lift up your leg, straighten your arm and leg. Keep your back straight, shoulders down, tummy tight. Hold your balance.
  3. When you feel ready, move your leg to the side, still straight. Lift your other arm for support and hold the pose to challenge your balance!

  1. Stå med fötterna tätt ihop. Spänn magen. Flytta över vikten till ena benet. Lyft det andra benet och ta tag i foten.
  2. Lyft upp benet. Sträck arm och ben. Håll ryggen rak, axlarna nere och magen spänd. Håll balansen en stund i positionen.
  3. Om du känner dig redo, flytta benet åt sidan, fortfarande sträckt och lyft den andra armen för stöd. Håll posen en stund och utmana balansen!