Mental challenge


Today I removed my bandages from my shoulder and got a good look of my injury. As you can see my shoulders are not really symmetrical anymore. That lump on my left shoulder is my collarbone sticking up because it is completely dislocated. It’s wierd because the rehab is going good, I’m already feeling more stable and strong but it looks kind of strange, don’t you think? My mental challenge for today is accepting my new apperence and that my shoulder may never look the same again. I’m focusing on that it feels better. I’m not in that much pain anymore and I feel stronger. That’s 1000 times more important to me and helps me ignore my vanity.

Have you ever had a tough injury? Anything help you get through it? I would ofcourse love any tip on rehab-wokout for dislocated shoulders too. Comment below and share your story with me!

2 thoughts on “Mental challenge

  1. I had rotator cuff surgery several years ago. I made no progress with recovery UNTIL I decided that recovering was my new job and I approached rehab like it was my job. I don’t think you’ll have any problems getting back to your old self.


    • Great work! I think you’re so right about rehab being the key to recovery. I hope I’ll get as motivated as you where, it really helps hearing about other peoples success to stay positive, thank you!


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