She’s got legs


Ok, I’m a shorty. Always been a little jealous of all you tall ladies with great, long legs. But guess what – when I do yoga I’m never disappointed. My legs are great and I’m proud of all the shapes they can help me create. Yoga makes me appreciate and love my body, Iv’e never felt this confident before. Has yoga ever helped you with your confidence? Does it help you forget about silly issues you have with your body? 

  1. Stand on all four, knees bent, back straight.
  2. Lift one leg as high as you can. Look at it behind you. Lift your arm at the same side.
  3. Reach back and try to grab your foot.
  4. To advance: Hold your foot. Bend your elbow and do a swooping movement, aiming right above your head. At the same time push your foot against your hand at take it with you.

  1. Stå på alla 4 med böjda knän och rak rygg.
  2. Lyft ett ben så högt du kan, titta bak på benet. Lyft handen på samma sida.
  3. Sträck bak handen och försök nå foten.
  4. För avancerad: Håll i foten. Böj i armbågen och för den i en svepande rörelse frammåt, sikta precis ovanför huvudet. Tryck samtidigt foten mot handen och dra med den fram.


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