Try to make me go to rehab..



For instructions on how to get in to this pose – check out the “backstrength” tutorial!

För instruktioner på hur man kommer in i den här positionen – kolla in instruktionsfilmen “ryggstyrka + stretch”!

Ok I’ve been doing some shoulder-rehab theese past few days with easy weights and rubberbands. It’s really boring but what keeps me motivated is feeling my shoulder getting stronger and more stable which means I can do more yoga-poses! Yesterday I tried some poses outside and it made me realize that yoga really is gonna help me in my rehab.

Iv’e had a lot of pain in my back and neck theese last weeks because my muscles are getting used to this new anatomy of my shoulders since the injury. This is why I think yoga is really gonna help me in my recovery – by doing poses where I use my body as a weight my muscles get a chance to adjust to this new situation and build up strength and flexibility. I really recommend yoga as part of rehab or if you have problems with backpain. Follow the blog for more rehab-poses and yoga to help treat backpain!


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