Yoga in the rainforest!



Found a beautiful trail in the rainforest and just had to try some bakasana on the rocks! Can’t believe how beautiful this rainforest i Monteverde is. I’m so impressed of Costa Ricas nationalpark system that helps preserve the amazing nature! After trying bungyjump and canopeing in this forest we are now at the beach in Santa Teresa. Tried surfing today so my body is extremely soar but I promise more beachyoga is coming up!







Handstand at last!



First time holding a handstand since my accident! Can’t describe this feeling, Iv’e been so scared that I would’nt get back all the function in my arm. With yoga as a part of my rehab I notice every small step on the way and it has really helped ne through this nightmare. I’m so grateful for all progress and I’m more positive then ever that rehab really speeds up my recovery. This will work. I’m happy I did’nt have surgery, I can do this if I just keep my focus. This experience has made me extremelly aware of  how fragile life can be and I’m so grateful and proud of my body.and all it can do. I hope you are to and that you remember that your body is your tool – take care of it!

Above is one of my favourite ways to get in to handstand.

  1. Start with balancing on one leg and lifting up your othet leg at the same time as you bend over your upper body.
  2. When you can reach the floor, put your hands in the floor and lift your leg evan more.
  3. Now lift your leg as high as you can and move over your weight to your hands. Tighten your shoulders but keep a distance between shoulders and ears. Find a focus in the floor.
  4. Kick up your other leg a little bit and try to find balance with your legs still apart in “L-position”. If it is to hard, stand close to a wall and put your front foot against the wall to find balance.

Finally backbend!




Striking a pose on the balcony with a view of the beautiful cloudforest in Monteverde, Costa rica! My arm is still healing and I hav’nt dared to try backbends for a long time but now I finally feel safe enough to start balancing on thoose hands again! Still not ready for handstands but backbends is a big step for me as it puts a lot of pressure on my arm. So happy and thankful for every step on the way!

Big love from Costa Rica


Fallen angel👼



  1. Start with putting your hands in the floor beside you. Feel your back elbow against your hip and your front elbow against your knee.
  2. Now lean over so that your thigh rests on your upper arms and try to lift your feet from the floor.
  3. If you feel in control, slowly put the side of your head against the floor and straighten your upper leg.
  4. To advance, try lifting your upper leg evan more. At the same time try lifting your other leg from your back arm and balance with your the upper part of your knee on your front arm!

Bakasana 2 headstand 2 bakasana!

Video as I promised! (For instructions see previous post) A little bit shakey, my arm still hurts after the fracture so still working on building up that strength and stability again. Armbalance poses are great and really speeds up my recovery, about 5 weeks since the accident now..

You’ll here from me again as soon as I find internet access here in Costa Rica!

Big love

Bakasana 2 headstand!



This is a fun and challenging way to get in and out of a headstand!

  1. Start in bakasana (watch tutorial in top menu if you want:). Try to straighten your arms and lift your feet as far from the ground as possible to challenge your strength.
  2. If you feel in control try bending your arms slowly and try to lean over with your head towards the ground.
  3. If you reach the ground with your head, try lifting your legs slowly of your arms.
  4. If you feel ready, try to straighten your legs to a tripod headstand! You can now try to slowly drop your legs again and finishing in bakasana. Video coming soon!

Beachyoga bonanza!



If you have access to a beach – go try your poses there right now. The balance you get from the sand under your feet is amazing and I think it gets me to new levels in my poses. I’m really gonna miss this feeling when I go home again and leave this beautiful country.                                                Costa Rica ❤️

Pura vida!



Todays challenge: Ninja!

  1. imageSquat and put your foot on your thigh.  Sit down on your other foot, front part of your foot in the floor. Put your fingertips in the ground and try to find balance so you can let go with your hands. To find balance tighten your stomach, drop your shoulders, find a focus in the floor and slowly try to straighten your back and let go of the floor with your hands.It’s a great balance challenge!
  2. If you feel ready, put your hands in the floor beside you and move your foot from your thigh to your upperarm. If you can’t get your foot up try working on your hip stretch first.
  3. Lean over a bit and try to lift your other foot from the floor, this requires more strength.
  4. For the next level, try to straighten your leg to challenge your armbalance evan more!