Todays challenge: Ninja!

  1. imageSquat and put your foot on your thigh.  Sit down on your other foot, front part of your foot in the floor. Put your fingertips in the ground and try to find balance so you can let go with your hands. To find balance tighten your stomach, drop your shoulders, find a focus in the floor and slowly try to straighten your back and let go of the floor with your hands.It’s a great balance challenge!
  2. If you feel ready, put your hands in the floor beside you and move your foot from your thigh to your upperarm. If you can’t get your foot up try working on your hip stretch first.
  3. Lean over a bit and try to lift your other foot from the floor, this requires more strength.
  4. For the next level, try to straighten your leg to challenge your armbalance evan more!

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