Handstand at last!



First time holding a handstand since my accident! Can’t describe this feeling, Iv’e been so scared that I would’nt get back all the function in my arm. With yoga as a part of my rehab I notice every small step on the way and it has really helped ne through this nightmare. I’m so grateful for all progress and I’m more positive then ever that rehab really speeds up my recovery. This will work. I’m happy I did’nt have surgery, I can do this if I just keep my focus. This experience has made me extremelly aware of  how fragile life can be and I’m so grateful and proud of my body.and all it can do. I hope you are to and that you remember that your body is your tool – take care of it!

Above is one of my favourite ways to get in to handstand.

  1. Start with balancing on one leg and lifting up your othet leg at the same time as you bend over your upper body.
  2. When you can reach the floor, put your hands in the floor and lift your leg evan more.
  3. Now lift your leg as high as you can and move over your weight to your hands. Tighten your shoulders but keep a distance between shoulders and ears. Find a focus in the floor.
  4. Kick up your other leg a little bit and try to find balance with your legs still apart in “L-position”. If it is to hard, stand close to a wall and put your front foot against the wall to find balance.

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