Fall in to backbend


  1. Start on your knees. Relax your neck and start bending backwards. Keep tension in your legs to not fall over. If its really uncomfertable try stretching your hips first.
  2. Lift your arms over your head and keep your position. Breath.
  3. Now slowley continue bending backwards until your hands reach the ground.
  4. Put your hands in the ground and push yourself so that you bend your back a little more. Hold position and breath.
  5. Now put the top of your head in the ground and let go of your hands. Put them together in front of your heart ❤






6 thoughts on “Fall in to backbend

  1. I have been out of practicing yoga for the last two weeks and I really miss it! I have been so busy, I just haven’t had motivation to do it, but i want to get back into it! Thank you for providing me with inspiration! I hope one day to be able to do the things you can! 🙂 Keep it up!


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