Pressup handstand step by step!

Ok guys lets do this! Pressup handstand felt impossible to me for a long time, especially after my accident. But after hard work and a lot of motivation I’m finally getting somewhere. By pressup I mean getting in to handstand without kicking up your feet at all. I want to share with you which exercizes have worked for me and taken me forward in this process, to inspire you to try this too. It’s a kick ass workout!

In this video Im doing 3 exercizes that I think are great to start with. I would ofcourse recommend that you first learn to handstand and find balance in a “kick up handstand”. So if this does’nt work – don’t worry. Try doing some more kickup handstands first or practice against a wall, just to make sure your’e strong enough to try this:) (For tips on how to handstand – check out the video in the top menu).

  1. The first exercize is to stand close to a wall. Put your hands in the floor and lift one leg with bent knee at the same time as you come up on your toes and move over your weight to your hands. Stand close to the wall so that when you move over your weight, the back of your head touches the wall and helps you with balance. Now press your body on step at a time (head to but) against the wall at the same time as you lift your foot from the floor. Remember to tighten your stomach and press your shoulders down. Then slowly drop your leg down again and try to come as far down with your foot without touching the floor, then go up again and repeat as many times as you can. Remember to doo both legs!
  2. The next step is to try to push yourself of the wall and then try to drop your foot slowly without the wall as support.
  3. The third exercize is the same tecnique against a wall but to try to lift both feet at the same time, and then slowly dropping both feet. This challenges your core-strength even more!

Good luck! More steps coming up tomorrow!





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