Funky forearmstand!

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Had a lot of fun with this today! If you like forearmstands this is a great variation. Start like a regular forearmstand (check tutorial video and previous post for instructions) but put one hand in the floor. This is more of a balance challenge so remember to keep a focus in the floor and to tighten your core. If its hard to find balance you can put one foot against wall and then slowly let go of the wall when you find your balance. Experiment with your legs in different positions to challenge your balance. Remember to have fun and dont worry if you fail the first few times! It takes a while to adapt your bodyweight when your armes are in different positions and it is a great way to gain control in armbalance-challenges. And a super workout for your core! If you start getting it with your arm bent try it with one arm straight for a evan tougher challenge 🙂 Good luck!

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