Hollowback/backbend handstand progress!

imageimage imageimage

Ok here we go! Promised to post any progress in controling my handstands in to backbends/hollowback so here it is! Iv’e come a lot further in half lotus scorpion handstand and I feel a lot more controlled in my hollowback. I can really recommend practicing with one foot against the wall just to get a chance to find balance with your back bent and your legs in different positions so you can focus on your flexibility and strength. When youv’e got it just slowly let go of your foot from the wall and try to hold your balance. When this is easy and you’ve gotten as far as you like with your backbend you can start practicing without a wall! Next step for me is to get even more control over my legs so that I can fall in to a nice backbend one leg at a time. Wish me luck! I will ofcourse post a video if it happens:)

Love from your wannabe yogi-master🙏

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