Headstand hollowback variation!



Never tried this before! It’s a great challenge especially for your core! Make sure to have a wall behind you in case of falling over;)

  1. Start by putting your head in the floor and your hands in the floor behind you. Spread your fingers and feel your hands strong and in control. Walk with your legs towards your head. Lift one leg bent.
  2. Now tighten your core and your arms and try to kick yourself up to headstand or even better slowly let go of the floor with your foot and pull your leg up with your core, like a press up.
  3.  Now this is tricky, the goal is to shift your balance so that you can get your straight leg behind your head. If it’s really hard, stand close to a wall with the side of your body so that you can put your foot to the wall and help with balance. Keep your core tight and push your hands against the floor to adjust  your balance.
  4. If you want more challenge, try straightening your other leg slowly. If your afraid to fall make sure to have a wall behind you! Good luck yogis!

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