One leg crowpose – step by step!

image image image image image


  1. Start in bakasana. Try to straighten your arms as much as possible and lift up your feet towards your but. (Check bakasana video in top menu for instructions)
  2. Now slowly try to shift over a little of your weight to one arm, when you feel ready try lifting your leg of your arm and rest it against your other leg. Hold your tension in your feet and keep a focus in the ground for balance.
  3. If you feel ready for the next step, one leg crowpose, try straightening your leg and lift up both your feet towards the sky so that its mostly your knee resting on your arm. Keep a straight back and remember to keep your stomach really tight to help with balance.
  4. If you feel stable and want to try a fun transition, slowly lower your head to the ground. Keep your arms and stomach strong and put something soft to rest your head on the first time you try this just in case:)!
  5. Now lift your leg up from your arm and come up in headstand! Good luck everyone and be safe:)!

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