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This is a great challenge for corestrength, flexibility and balance, my favourite combination! 🙂

  1. Start in lotus position. Sit here for a while and breath, filling your muscles with oxygen and stretching to get deeper in lotus. Lets get flexy!
  2. Now come up on your knees. If it hurts, put something soft between your knees and mat.
  3. Now this is tough. Put one knee on your arm.
  4. Put your head against the floor and press your weight on your arm to lift up your  other knee up to your other arm. Corestrength is key here, make sure its supertight:)
  5. When your up with both knees. Shift weight to your head and hand and use your core to press upp to lotus tripod.
  6. For the next level – try coming down again with your knees landing on your arms. Corestrength again, tighten that core and tuck thoose legs slowly back down.
  7. Now here is the big balance challenge! Slowly shift your weight to your hand and lift your head to come up in lotus bakasana!




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