Warmup video – getting flexy!

Here you go warmup for previous post!

Starting by warming up my back sitting in lotus. Then I use the wall to stretch out back and shoulders. Over to warmup for wheel and in to wheelpose. After this stretching hips in different positions. Ends with mermaid and king pigeon pose.

Try to stay at least 5 breaths in every position. Take it easy, it’s about warming up so don’t force anything, stop where your limit is today. Do the warmup a few times and you will notice getting further for each time!

Good luck!


Open up!


This pose feels great right now! I have a lot of tensions in my chest and neck muscles because of my shoulder injury and this really helps me open up.

If it feels scary, just put down your hands on your legs behind you until you feel secure to let go. If you cant reach your legs with your hands, try stretching your hips first!

Den här är super just nu. Jag har mycket spänningar i mina bröst och halsmuskler pga min axelskada och den här stretchen hjälper verkligen mot det. Kom ihåg att vara helt avslappnad i nacken.

Om det känns läskigt, prova att sätt ner händerna som stöd på vaderna. Om du inte når ner kan du prova att stretcha höften först!

Stretch for lower back pain!

As I wrote in my last post, lower back pain can often be caused by muscle tightness which gives you an unhealthy posture. By stretching muscles that are either connected to your spine our your pelvis you can release tension and create a healthier posture which can work wonders on back pain!

Som jag skrev i förra inlägget så kan ländryggssmärta vara orsakad av muskelspänningar som ger en dålig hållning. Genom att stretcha muskler som fäster på antingen ryggraden eller bäckenet kan man lätta på dessa spänningar och skapa en bättre förutsättning för en bra hållning!

Lower back pain




Lower backpain can often be explaned by muscle-tightness which gives you an unhealthy posture. Evan if you have strong backmuscles through dynamic exercise, (for example training with heavy weights) many people forget about the static training which is actually what you need to keep a healthy posture in your everyday life. By building up your core strength you can improve the static strength in your stomach and back which helps you use your muscles in the right way and prevents pain in your back.

Here are some poses to work up your static core strength! Try to hold the pose for 20-30 sec.

Ländryggssmärta kan ofta bero på muskelspänningar som ger en osund hållning i ryggen. Även om du har starka ryggmuskler rent dynamiskt (tex via tunga vikter på gymmet) är det många som  glömmer att träna den statiska styrken. Det är till stor del statisk styrka som använts i vardagen och som kan hjälpa till att ge en bra hållning. Genom att träna core-övningar kan man bygga upp den statiska styrkan i mage och rygg vilket gör det lättare att använda musklerna på rätt sätt i vardagen och motverka ryggsmärta.

Här är några bra core-övningar! Försök hålla positionen i 20-30 sek.



Try to make me go to rehab..



For instructions on how to get in to this pose – check out the “backstrength” tutorial!

För instruktioner på hur man kommer in i den här positionen – kolla in instruktionsfilmen “ryggstyrka + stretch”!

Ok I’ve been doing some shoulder-rehab theese past few days with easy weights and rubberbands. It’s really boring but what keeps me motivated is feeling my shoulder getting stronger and more stable which means I can do more yoga-poses! Yesterday I tried some poses outside and it made me realize that yoga really is gonna help me in my rehab.

Iv’e had a lot of pain in my back and neck theese last weeks because my muscles are getting used to this new anatomy of my shoulders since the injury. This is why I think yoga is really gonna help me in my recovery – by doing poses where I use my body as a weight my muscles get a chance to adjust to this new situation and build up strength and flexibility. I really recommend yoga as part of rehab or if you have problems with backpain. Follow the blog for more rehab-poses and yoga to help treat backpain!

Finally got my head in place again!



Did a headstand today! First time since the accident, it felt so good! So tip for today: believe in yourself. Loose the prestige and don’t be afraid to try some yoga if you’re curious about it. You are your own judge, be nice to yourself! Remember to adjust the poses after how your body feels today! Have fun and be safe!




Hello my love, I’m back!


Hello yoga, iv’e missed you so much!

Took of my cast yesterday, it feels so damn good to straighten my arm out! My fracture is’nt healed yet, it will take at least 6 weeks but I’m free to start some rehab to help my recovery. I did a easy workout today and tried some yoga, it feels amazing to be back on my mat! From today I’ll start posting basic yogaposes that works in my rehab:) 

  1. Start by standing with both feet close together. Move over your weight to one leg, lift your other leg. Grab your foot and put it on the inside of your thigh (or by your knee if you can’t get it all the way up). Hold your hands together in center.
  2. If you want, grab your foot again and lift it up to your hip.
  3. For more challenge, lift up your arms, make a heart with your fingers and come up on your tippytoes!

  1. Stå med fötterna tätt ihop. Flytta över vikten till ena benet och lyft det andra. Ta tag i foten och sätt den mot insida lår (alt. vid knäet om du inte kommer upp). Sätt händerna mot varandra framför bröstet.
  2. Om du vill, ta tag i foten igen, lyft upp den till höften, låt den vila där.
  3. För mer utmaning, sträck upp händerna forma ett hjärta med fingrarna och kom upp på tårna!


View of the world upside down



Everything feels upside down!

Breaking my arm and shoulder has been one of the toughest challenges for me so far. However, in some magic way it happend at a point in my life when I feel more grounded and happy then ever. It almost feels like someone was preparing for this to happen, making the circumstances easier for me to cope with this injury. Life is good. It’s not what I planned, it’s totally upside down, but how fun would life be if you could decide every minute of it? I think we need obstacles to challenge ourselves to new ground and perspective. This is a part of my story and I love not knowing how it ends.