Getting in to chinstand!



Tips on chinstand!

This pose is about flexibility, strength and confidence. You need to be flexible to be able to put your weight on your arms and not your chin while standing in this position. Focus on stretching your back and opening up your chest and neck. You need strength to hold the pose. You need confidence to dare balancing on your chin!

1. Start by lifting one leg up and moving your weight to your arms.

2. Now slowly bend your arms and move towards the ground like a pushup, until your chin reaches the floor.

3. When you reach the floor, move your weight over to your arms at the same time as you kick up your other leg. If you can’t get up with a easy kick, do’nt force it. Instead use a wall to climb up with your legs to practice standing in this pose.

4. When your up with both legs, tighten your whole body to gain control in this pose.

Good luck yogis!




Flexy-bendy tips!

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Okej lets get flexy! Here are some tips on how to open your hips and back to be able to reach that foot with your hands.

Start by stretching your hips and warming up your back. Good pose for this is wheel. Warmup video coming up! Never force a backbend, just relax your neck move in to a pose when it does’nt hurt.

1. A good starting pose is Mermaid. (The last picture). Just lift your leg and place your foot against your arm. Connect your arms behind your head and feel the stretch.

2. Another tip is using a strap. Tie it around your foot and hold it with a distance to your hands that feel comfortable.

3. Next tip is using a wall to assist your leg. This way you can just relax your neck and try to reach your foot. It’s also a great hipstretch to get ready for the next step.

4. When you feel ready, try grabbing your foot with the opposite hand and move it towards your shoulder. Now grab both hands around your foot and turn your arms, elbows facing up. Relax your neck and feel your foot against your head. Video coming up!

Good luck yogis!

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This is a great challenge for corestrength, flexibility and balance, my favourite combination! 🙂

  1. Start in lotus position. Sit here for a while and breath, filling your muscles with oxygen and stretching to get deeper in lotus. Lets get flexy!
  2. Now come up on your knees. If it hurts, put something soft between your knees and mat.
  3. Now this is tough. Put one knee on your arm.
  4. Put your head against the floor and press your weight on your arm to lift up your  other knee up to your other arm. Corestrength is key here, make sure its supertight:)
  5. When your up with both knees. Shift weight to your head and hand and use your core to press upp to lotus tripod.
  6. For the next level – try coming down again with your knees landing on your arms. Corestrength again, tighten that core and tuck thoose legs slowly back down.
  7. Now here is the big balance challenge! Slowly shift your weight to your hand and lift your head to come up in lotus bakasana!



Funky tripod step by step!



  1. Start in a regular tripod. Use a wall if you need help with balance. Keep your legs close to your body and tighten your core.
  2. Now put your feet together and move your weight a little bit to one side and put your arm out on the other side.
  3. Move your weight a little to the other side and put your other arm out. Now keep your wieght in the center, Spread your fingers and use your arms and fingermuscles to help with balance.
  4. For the next level, tighten your fingers evan more so that you balance on your fingers instead of your palms.



Another fun variation is to put your legs in lotus!

Good luck yogis!






image image


This pose recently became possible for me! If this pose feels impossible I really recommend practicing the earlier steps and practicing with holding a elastic strap tighed around your feet – worked for me!

  1. Start by laying on your stomach. Lift your feet and try to reach your legs with your hands. Relax your neck. Breath in and out a few times and feel how it affects your balance. Experiment by tightening your legs and pulling your upper body up, and relaxing your legs and pulling them closer to your upper body.
  2. If you feel ready for the next step, put a strap around your foot and pulling it up with your arm. Keep your other arm and leg in previous position. If you get really close with your foot to your arm you can try without a strap – reach for your foot behind you, rotate your wrist and hold your foot. Aim to have your arm and leg as straight as possible.
  3. Now try with the strap on both feet holding it with both arms. When you feel ready, start in position 1. Then let go of your legs but try to keep them up. Rotate your wrists, grab your toes and pull your feet up. Good luck!

Funky 2-pod headstand!


  1. Start in tripod-position. Put one knee on your upper arm and straighten the other leg so that your up on your toes.
  2. Grab your toes. Hold tension in your arm and leg, keeping them both straight.
  3. Now engage your core, focus on your balance and try letting go with your toes from the floor.
  4. Engage your other leg to help with balance and try lifting your foot a little further. This is a real balance challenge so remember to keep tension in your core, legs and arms but try to breath regularly at the same time! If it’s to hard you can try putting your foot or back against the wall to help with balance. Good luck!


image image image


  1. Start by laying on the side and putting your leg over your shoulder. Keep tension in your core and your other leg to help with balance.
  2. Grab your foot and straighten your leg behind your shoulder. Help with your other arm for support.
  3. Slowly let go of your “upper arm”, flex your other leg and try to reach your foot for an even more intense stretch!

Broken flying lizard!



Promised some new poses with instructions so here’s the first one! It’s a challenging pose and I recently rescovered it, hope you like it:)

  1. Start by putting your leg over your shoulder like your putting on a backpack.
  2. Now bend over and try to move your foot so that your “backfoot” faces the floor. Then move your foot back between your legs and lift your toes.
  3. Try to move your weight over to your arms so that you can let go of your other foot from the floor. Keep tension in your arms and legs to help with balance.
  4. Now try lifting your back leg even higher to create a more challenging shape!

Firefly pose – step by step!



  1. Start by putting your leg over your shoulder like your putting on a backpack. Remember to stretch your hips and hamstrings first.
  2. Now put your other leg over your shoulder and try to squeese in your arms so that your legs are as far up on your shoulders as possible.
  3. Come down with your butt and slowly move your legs frontward, still touching your toes in the floor.
  4. Try to straighten your legs at the same time as you tighten your core and arms. Try to straighten your arms and back and tighten your legs all the way out to your toes. Good luck yogis!


One leg crowpose – step by step!

image image image image image


  1. Start in bakasana. Try to straighten your arms as much as possible and lift up your feet towards your but. (Check bakasana video in top menu for instructions)
  2. Now slowly try to shift over a little of your weight to one arm, when you feel ready try lifting your leg of your arm and rest it against your other leg. Hold your tension in your feet and keep a focus in the ground for balance.
  3. If you feel ready for the next step, one leg crowpose, try straightening your leg and lift up both your feet towards the sky so that its mostly your knee resting on your arm. Keep a straight back and remember to keep your stomach really tight to help with balance.
  4. If you feel stable and want to try a fun transition, slowly lower your head to the ground. Keep your arms and stomach strong and put something soft to rest your head on the first time you try this just in case:)!
  5. Now lift your leg up from your arm and come up in headstand! Good luck everyone and be safe:)!