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  1. Start by laying on the side and putting your leg over your shoulder. Keep tension in your core and your other leg to help with balance.
  2. Grab your foot and straighten your leg behind your shoulder. Help with your other arm for support.
  3. Slowly let go of your “upper arm”, flex your other leg and try to reach your foot for an even more intense stretch!

Mental challenge


Today I removed my bandages from my shoulder and got a good look of my injury. As you can see my shoulders are not really symmetrical anymore. That lump on my left shoulder is my collarbone sticking up because it is completely dislocated. It’s wierd because the rehab is going good, I’m already feeling more stable and strong but it looks kind of strange, don’t you think? My mental challenge for today is accepting my new apperence and that my shoulder may never look the same again. I’m focusing on that it feels better. I’m not in that much pain anymore and I feel stronger. That’s 1000 times more important to me and helps me ignore my vanity.

Have you ever had a tough injury? Anything help you get through it? I would ofcourse love any tip on rehab-wokout for dislocated shoulders too. Comment below and share your story with me!

View of the world upside down



Everything feels upside down!

Breaking my arm and shoulder has been one of the toughest challenges for me so far. However, in some magic way it happend at a point in my life when I feel more grounded and happy then ever. It almost feels like someone was preparing for this to happen, making the circumstances easier for me to cope with this injury. Life is good. It’s not what I planned, it’s totally upside down, but how fun would life be if you could decide every minute of it? I think we need obstacles to challenge ourselves to new ground and perspective. This is a part of my story and I love not knowing how it ends.

My accident




I guess it’s time for me to share this nightmare with you. I was in a bike-accident last weekend. I landed on my left arm, broke the radius bone in my arm and dislocated my shoulder in the acromio-clavicular joint. This means that my collarbone is dislocated from my shoulderblad and my shoulder is unstable. It’s gonna take weeks before a can move it like normal again and probably months until I have the same strength in my arm and shoulder.

I’ve been so frustrated and sad theese few days because I can’t believe this has happened and how it changes my daily life. Nothing is the same anymore. I depend on other people for simple stuff like taking a shower. It’s so strange, I feel completely trapped in my own body.

I can’t do yoga for a while. It may sound silly but this really brakes my heart, it’s my favourite thing to do and I do it every day. Ofcourse I’m so grateful I did’nt hurt myself more and that my injury is not that bad but for me it’s the worst I’ve ever been through.

Now to the positive. This is a huge cliché but so true, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. My body is not unbreakable. I need to be more careful with it and more grateful for how well it serves me. My body is my tool. If it brakes nothing else matters, everything changes.

At least, this blog is not over if you thought so! I will keep posting challenges that I made before the injury and as soon as I can start rehab I will do all the yoga I can. I’ve heard Asthanga yoga is the best rehab so I will post everything I can to challenge you to do more poses and I will ofcourse post my progress with the arm:)

Big love from your wounded Doctor

More tutorials!

Today I started making some tutorial-videos of more advanced challenges, like how to do a head, arm or handstand, step-by-step instructions! So if you feel like taking it to the next level, check out the advanced links! Videos will be posted this weekend.

I also made some videos in swedish for all my swedish friends. From now on I’ll try to post in both languages:)

I’ll also try to make time to post short videos of poses and photos for more variations, hope you like it!


Idag började jag göra lite filmer med instruktioner för mer avancerade övningar, tex hur man lär sig stå på händer, huvud och underarmar. Under helgen kommer jag lägga upp dom plus lite andra korta filmer och foton på övningar för mer variation, så håll koll på bloggen om du vill ha mer yoga!

Lägger även upp instruktionsfilmer på svenska för er som tycker de känns lurigt att lyssna på min engelska samtidigt som ni kämpar med posen:)

Stor kram


Lets get started!


Hi everyone!

Today I will start posting tutorial videos and I’ll start with some beginners poses. Check out the links below. Not feeling for a workout but wan’t to follow my progress? – check out the yogamaster-links to see which poses I’m working on right now!

With love, your wannabe-yogainstructor

Fresh new blog!

Scroll down to check out a quick sample of poses I’ve acheived this year to start things of! Feeling inspired? Click on the tutorials-link to get your workout started. If your’e totally new to this, the beginners poses will get you going. If you feel ready for the next level – move over to advanced! There is a video with instructions for every challenge. Feel free to comment with questions or other thoughts! If you want to follow my own progress and see the poses I’m working on check out the yogamaster-link. Have a good workout!