Koh tao Beach yoga!




Woho! Finally vacation!

I’ve dreamed about the sun and blue skyes for so many cold, dark swedish months and now we’re here! It’s even better than I imagined – lazy days with snorkeling, sunworshiping, beach yoga and hanging out with friends, wonderful bungalow hotel and I’m sold. Could’nt ask for more. And the Thai-people are so nice! This break is just what I need before reality kicks in.

When we get back home me and my fiance are moving to his hometown Karlstad and starting our first jobs as doctors. Ofcourse I’m excited for this new period in our lives but I’m also sad to leave all our friends, my family and Uppsala behind. For me it’s a big step and two weeks break in Thailand to catch my breath could’nt have come with better timing. Hanging out on the beach has had me thinking. Life is a bundle of memories and thoose I remember the most are the new experiences that came with both new great things but also pain and worries over what your leaving behind. Even the not so positive experiences have always served a purpose for me and helped me grow in to the person I am. That thought calms me a little bit and makes me think that there is no point in worrying about this new change, whatever comes with it will have a purpose in my life in some way.

So I lean back a bit more in my sun-chair, take a sip of my fruitshake and smile, enjoying the present and definitly looking forward to the future!



Forearmstand-guide! / Underarmstående!

My friends are learning how to do a forarmstand and I try to help them with all the tips and tricks I have! Thought I would share them with you to:)


1. Starting position

Hands – put them in the ground and spread your fingers, use your fingermuscles to help with balance.

Shoulders – put your forearms in the ground and relax your shoulders. Now tighten your shoulders and feel the difference in stability. Make sure your shoulders are in line with your elbows.

Neck – relax your neck and find a focus for your eyes in the ground somewhere in between your hands.

2. Before kickin up

Tighten your stomach and your shoulders. Press your hands against the ground. Find your focus.

3. Keeping your balance

Ask a friend to hold your legs our put your feet against a wall until you feel safe to let go. Tighten your whole body out to your toes. It’s easier to hold your balance if you lean a little bit over with your feet behind your back.

4. Fear

If you are afraid to fall make sure to stand with your back close to a wall or a friend close by. Then practice falling by slowly climbing with your feet against the wall down to the floor to feel how it would be to fall over.

Good luck!!