New year -> New yoga goals!

Happy New Year!

Hope you’ve had a great holiday and thay you’ve got your newyears resalutions ready! 🙂 My main yoga goals for 2015 is pressup handstand with both legs and getting more control in handstand to get better at making shapes. I’d also like to get more flexible and improve my balance over all.

Above is a video of a flow I put together with crow (bakasana) to handstand back to crow and then to one legged crow. Theese transitions where some of the goals I accomplished this year and I’m so proud and thankful for the progress.   I can’t believe that I had my accident a few months ago and I’ve healed this fast. I never thought I would be better at handstands than before the accident, I was afraid I would’nt be able to do it at all! Super thankful for yoga in this fast progress. This year I started this blog and my Instagram @yogaripped and I’m so happy I did! What a wonderful way to workout! I’ve gotten amazing inspiration from theese wonderful communities and so much support from all you awesome readers, THANK YOU! It has really helped me stay positive and motivated this year!

Now to some yoga tips for pressup from crow to handstand and back.

1. Start with your back against the wall and use your head and back for balance pressed against the wall when you lift your legs from your knees.

2. When you can do this, practice it to build thoose muscles and stability. When you feel ready, try without a wall but with a strap around your triceps, right above your elbows. This helps to keep your arms stable.

3. When pressing up, push your elbows and legs towards your center, this will help you focus strength in your core and keep your arms stable.

4. Lean forward with your upperbody to make the curve of your back more straight, this makes it easier to lift your legs.

5. When your float of thoose knees use your fingers to keep balance in your hands and hold your focus in the floor.

6. Getting down to crow again is the same technique but now you start by lowering your legs as the same time as you lean forward, getting your upperbody slightly in front of your arms. Focus focus focus your core and slowly land on your arms. It’s all about practice! I can’t count the times I’ve tried this and failed. Just stay consistent in your workout and it will come! Goals are great because they can keep you motivated and when you accomplish then you feel great. And a fat bonus is getting ripped in the process 🙂

Good luck with your goals everyone!




Bakasana to handstand-pressup!

yeaaah! Biggest yogaprogress for me in a long time! This has felt like a impossible transition, but nothing is impossible if you want it bad! I truly recommend starting against a wall and then trying with a strap. The feeling is amazing when you float of thoose arms! Happy weekend everyone!

Hollowback/backbend handstand progress!

imageimage imageimage

Ok here we go! Promised to post any progress in controling my handstands in to backbends/hollowback so here it is! Iv’e come a lot further in half lotus scorpion handstand and I feel a lot more controlled in my hollowback. I can really recommend practicing with one foot against the wall just to get a chance to find balance with your back bent and your legs in different positions so you can focus on your flexibility and strength. When youv’e got it just slowly let go of your foot from the wall and try to hold your balance. When this is easy and you’ve gotten as far as you like with your backbend you can start practicing without a wall! Next step for me is to get even more control over my legs so that I can fall in to a nice backbend one leg at a time. Wish me luck! I will ofcourse post a video if it happens:)

Love from your wannabe yogi-master🙏

This weeks work in progress!

This week I’m focusing on getting control in handstand hollowback. This is a really great pose and it challenges both strength, balance and flexibility at the same time! This video is my best try today. My tips for this is to hold tension in your legs all the way out to your toes to help with balance as you try to get further in hollowback. And don’t be afraid to fall, it’s part of the process! Just make it in to a nice backbend/bridgepose:)

Good luck! Promise to update if I notice any more progress at the end of the week!


Pressup handstand step by step!

Ok guys lets do this! Pressup handstand felt impossible to me for a long time, especially after my accident. But after hard work and a lot of motivation I’m finally getting somewhere. By pressup I mean getting in to handstand without kicking up your feet at all. I want to share with you which exercizes have worked for me and taken me forward in this process, to inspire you to try this too. It’s a kick ass workout!

In this video Im doing 3 exercizes that I think are great to start with. I would ofcourse recommend that you first learn to handstand and find balance in a “kick up handstand”. So if this does’nt work – don’t worry. Try doing some more kickup handstands first or practice against a wall, just to make sure your’e strong enough to try this:) (For tips on how to handstand – check out the video in the top menu).

  1. The first exercize is to stand close to a wall. Put your hands in the floor and lift one leg with bent knee at the same time as you come up on your toes and move over your weight to your hands. Stand close to the wall so that when you move over your weight, the back of your head touches the wall and helps you with balance. Now press your body on step at a time (head to but) against the wall at the same time as you lift your foot from the floor. Remember to tighten your stomach and press your shoulders down. Then slowly drop your leg down again and try to come as far down with your foot without touching the floor, then go up again and repeat as many times as you can. Remember to doo both legs!
  2. The next step is to try to push yourself of the wall and then try to drop your foot slowly without the wall as support.
  3. The third exercize is the same tecnique against a wall but to try to lift both feet at the same time, and then slowly dropping both feet. This challenges your core-strength even more!

Good luck! More steps coming up tomorrow!




Handstand at last!



First time holding a handstand since my accident! Can’t describe this feeling, Iv’e been so scared that I would’nt get back all the function in my arm. With yoga as a part of my rehab I notice every small step on the way and it has really helped ne through this nightmare. I’m so grateful for all progress and I’m more positive then ever that rehab really speeds up my recovery. This will work. I’m happy I did’nt have surgery, I can do this if I just keep my focus. This experience has made me extremelly aware of  how fragile life can be and I’m so grateful and proud of my body.and all it can do. I hope you are to and that you remember that your body is your tool – take care of it!

Above is one of my favourite ways to get in to handstand.

  1. Start with balancing on one leg and lifting up your othet leg at the same time as you bend over your upper body.
  2. When you can reach the floor, put your hands in the floor and lift your leg evan more.
  3. Now lift your leg as high as you can and move over your weight to your hands. Tighten your shoulders but keep a distance between shoulders and ears. Find a focus in the floor.
  4. Kick up your other leg a little bit and try to find balance with your legs still apart in “L-position”. If it is to hard, stand close to a wall and put your front foot against the wall to find balance.

Handstand-love / Stå-på-händer <3


I miss handstands so much! This is one of my favourites.

Try pushing with both your feet and jump up in to this with your knees bent. Hold it for a while until you feel your balance and then try to straighten legs if you want. It gives you a totally different balance challenge!

Jisses vad jag saknar att stå på händer! Det här är en av mina favoriter.

Prova att trycka ifrån med båda fötterna och hoppa upp i handstående med böjda knän. Håll den positionen en stund så du känner att du har balance och prova sen att sträcka på benen om du vill. Det ger en helt annan utmaning för balansen!