Long time no see.. doctor who?


Gosh. Havnt posted since I started my “new life”. After Thailand me and my fiance moved to a smaller city in Sweden to start our first jobs as newly graduated doctors. We bought an apartment close to both the citycenter and the hospital and now we have been here for a few months. I actually quite like this town. Work is tough but I really like my clinic and all the collegues. I started running again to experience our surroundings and their are so many beautiful places. I have to stop all the time and strike a yoga pose just to take it all in. So much water and beautiful nature in and around the city. Love it! The picture above is one of my sudden stops during a sweaty run 🙂 If you want more yogaupdates, check my instagram @yogaripped. Soon vacation’s coming up and then Ill hopefully have time to make some updates on the blog!

love yogis



Beachyoga bonanza!



If you have access to a beach – go try your poses there right now. The balance you get from the sand under your feet is amazing and I think it gets me to new levels in my poses. I’m really gonna miss this feeling when I go home again and leave this beautiful country.                                                Costa Rica ❤️

Pura vida!



Split-flow / Spagat-flow


Let it flow! This is a smooth way to get in to a split.

  1. Start in a side-core-press. Lift your leg and grab it with your hand. Straighten your leg and your arm.
  2. Bend your knee a little and move your leg down and to the front, help out with your hand for support and balance.
  3. Let go of your leg when it is near the floor and come down in a split.
  4. Lift your arms and exhale as you relax your neck, move your arms backwards and feel the extra stretch.

    Gör det med flow! Det här är ett snyggt sätt att komma in i spagat.

  1. Börja i en sidoplanka. Lyft benet och ta tag i foten. Sträck ben och arm.
  2. Böj lite i knäet, för benet nedåt, frammåt, hjälp till med handen för stöd och balans.
  3. Släpp foten när benet är nära golvet och kom ner i spagat.
  4. Lyft armarna, andas ut , slappna av i nacken och för armarna lite bakåt för en extra stretch.



Split-challenge / Spagat-utmaning


  1.  Start with standing straight, feet close to each other. Tighten your stomach, find a focus in the floor. Move over your wieght to one leg. Lift the other leg behind you at the same time as you slowly bend your hip forward.
  2. Bend your knee, reach back and grab your leg.
  3. Bend over more in your hip at the same time as you move your leg up. Stretch your other arm out for more balance.
  4. To advance , straighten your leg as much as you can and come up in a standing split.

  1. Stå med fötterna tätt ihop. Spänn magen och hitta ett fokus i golvet. Flytta över vikten till ena benet. Lyft det andra benet rakt bakåt och böj fram lite i höften.
  2. Böj på knäet, sträck bak armen och ta tag i benet vid vaden.
  3. Böj fram mer i höften och rör benet uppåt. Sträck ut armen för balans.
  4. För att avancera, sträck på benet så mycket du kan och kom upp i stående split.